Thursday, 19 February 2015

What I'm thinking

"I think we came from another planet..."


We might of been a alien that is the same as  a alien in each and every galaxy.


Earth is our special  planet where we live.
We pullout Earth into a  dump!


Earth is in a solar system but not every solar system one of the planets might have life! 
the planets are; Mercury Venus Earth Mars Ceres Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Haumea Make make and Eris  


Our solar system is in the Milky way our galaxy it has a inactive black hole in the center

The alien mystery can be solved!

We were from another planet like Earth. Thats what I think


  1. I like your thinking, Alex. Where do you think this planet that humans came from us located - beyond the Oort Cloud or within the solar system?

    Also I thought that Eris was not a planet like Earth or Saturn but a dwarf planet? Do you think it should be a full planet?

    1. This planet is beyond the oort cloud!

  2. This is a truly inspirational blog. I am always excited to ponder such grand thoughts as where did we come from - but to so with extra swizzy graphics is splendid! I personally side with Erwin Schrodinger and suspect that life exists only atop energy gradients as a means for the universe to more rapidly approach heat death.

    Best regards from Paul (I wanted to be an astronaut and instead I design jet engines - but still LOVE space) Booth